Workshop: Electronic music for children and young people

Music has been around since time immemorial. People possibly first used their voices (and lips to whistle), then discovered rhythm, clapping, drumming, blowing in and bowing on objects.

The oldest musical instrument known to us today is a bone flute that was found in a cave in Ulm and is around 35,000 years old!

For many thousands of years, until the age of electricity in the early 1800s, all instruments were based on the principle that a “body of sound” is set in vibration; moving so fast that we hear one or more tones.

How does that work?

An object made of stone, wood, stretched skin (fur), metal, etc. is stimulated by tapping, a stretched string is plucked or bowed with a bow (strung with hair that feels rough), a column of air is made to resonate by blowing… So that you can hear something with your bare ears.

Let’s take a look at this! […]

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