blurred edges 2023

I am happy to have organised two concerts right at the beginning of this year’s festival for improvised music in Hamburg.

On June 02 I will be performing together with the Irish/Greek, Berlin based musicians Roy Carroll and Kriton Beyer, so be prepared to encounter feedback and the inimitable daxophone! Please join us for some noisy fun.

June 03, 2023

June 03 sees my debut playing with percussionist Rudi Fischerlehner. We hit it off (pun intended 😉 when we met in Berlin in 2022. Stay tuned for an intense, searching, in depth exploration of rhythm and textures when Rudi’s percussion meets my “Theremin+”.

in-ORGAN-ic #01

The invitation by the organist Jakob Dietz to perform together with him and the baroque violinist Claudia Mende was the perfect opportunity to put the first rig for my in-ORGAN-ic project to the test.

St. Trinitatis Ohrdruf

After studying the inside of the organ I selected two microphone-positions on the same vertical axis. The lower mic (DPA 4060) was proximate to the organ action, the top mic (DPA 4060) in the middle of the central cluster of pipes.

Close to the action
A spot among the pipes

Two envelope followers in the Eurorack setup were fed by these two signals…

The test rig

…and two Koma Kommander infrared sensor boxes allowed Jakob to control the level of the regenerated signal and the frequency shifted derivate.

Twice augmented dual manuals

To be continued 🙂

This project is supported by a “Neustart Kultur” stipend of Musikfonds.

It’s a wrap

Before we populate bureau 4 of La Génerale Nord-Est

In five intensive days Eric Cordier and me recorded 12 hours of music. Now we _just_ have to listen closely to the premix of the haul, select what to remix and then release this beast of a sonic tapestry to the world.

Residences in February

The acoustic treatment of our workspace was great. The grand piano was appreciated, but only as a reverb chamber for the live monitoring.

The totality of our setup
My Theremin’s voice
The Cracklebox-“enhancer” (top row), After Later Audio Benjolin and Lansscape Stereo Field. Above the table the SOMA PIPE. The Neumann mic is used to capture the Cracklebox directly

See this short clip for a walkthrough of my gear.

02/22 in Berlin…

On Wednesday, February 22, 2023 I’ll be playing with Viola Yip and Kriton Beyer at Herman Schulz Café in Finowstraße 33, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain 🙂