A Kaleidoscope of Electronic Music

This evening brought together Mario Schönhofer and Tobias Weber from Ströme and me.

(Photo: Robert Wiesner)

[1] I began with an introduction to the topic with a focus on connectivity, amplification (PA) and recording.
[2] Next up was a presentation of Ströme’s modular Eurorack-rig followed by
[3] my presentation of the Theremin+ configuration: Moog Etherwave Plus controlling a modular synth and accompanied by the polyphonic Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard.
[4] After jamming together we decided to do a repeat during the get-together of the VDT on Friday evening (11/05).

(Photo: Robert Wiesner)

Visit the official TMT pages of the VDT here.

My project Theremin+ was made possible through ‘Zukunftsstipendium’, a grant by Landesmusikrat Hamburg, funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media.