Die al’kar(r)at SUITE – jo.FEUERBACH & Andrew Levine

A suite for 3 x air (saxophones, voice & organ) and 1 x electricity (theremin + modular synthesizer & Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard)

Listen to the music (and buy it 😉 here: al’kar(r)at SUITE

On Saturday, February 05, 2022 the trio jo.FEUERBACH meets Andrew Levine at the Michaelkirche in Hannover. jo.FEURBACH is: Angelika Remlinger (voice), Andreas Krennerich (saxophones) and Thomas Reuter (organ & voice). We record a series of freely improvised tracks in varying constellation and play a concert on the following day.

On tour with Quatuor BRAC and Katrin Bethge…

The tour from April 23 to 25 2022, with concerts in Trier, Hamburg and Hannover was an amazing experience!

Palais Walderdorff (Forum)
Künstlerhaus FAKTOR

Immerse yourself in the images and sounds…

Here is a montage from the first concert at Palais Walderdorff (Forum) in Trier.