Lisboa & Porto, April-May 2023

I can already say that I am excited to revisit Portugal and play in Lisbon and Porto between April 27 and May 04. The schedule so far…

04/27 – 21:00 / 9 PM @ Cossoul
Rua Nova da Piedade 66, 1200-299 Lisboa

Cossoul gigs in April 2023

04/29 – 17:00 / 5 PM @ Sonoscopia
Rua de Silva Porto 217, 4250-469 Porto

Playing at the 125 year old “Sociedade Musical Ordem E Progresso”

04/30 – 20:00 / 8 PM @ Sistema SMOP
Rua do Conde 77, 1200-776 Lisboa

05/03 – 21:00 / 9 PM @ Cosmos Campolide
Rua Marquês de Fronteira 163, 1070-294 Lisboa

05/04 – 21:30 / 9:30 PM @ Sistema SMOP
Rua do Conde 77, 1200-776 Lisboa

I will be playing solo on the first three gigs, with my appearance at the birthday party of Sonoscopia being part of a four gig set: in Porto you can also hear and see Marcia Basset and Ursula Scherrer, a French duo called Arlt (Eloïse Decazes and Bulbul Tarang) as well as a trio composed of Frantz Loriot, Marina Tantanozi and Phillip Eden.

At Cosmos Campolide there will be three sets, with [1] a trio composed of Ernesto Rodrigues (viola), Bruno Parrinha (bass clarinet) and Flak (electric guitar), [2] João Madeira (double bass solo) and [3] me playing in a trio formation.

On my second appearance at Sistema SMOP I will be playing with Abdul Moimême (Rui Horta Santos).

This is an opportunity to practice “listening to today’s music” as is the key topic of the Nova contemporary music meeting (NCMM), opening that same day. We cordially invite all participants to join us 🙂