Concert in Trier on Saturday, 10/29

Benedikt Hansjosten – Andrew Levine – Benedikt Simon – Axel Simon

After the tour with the improvising string quartet / Quatuor BRAC and the light artist Katrin Bethge, the premiere of which took place in April at Palais Walderdorff Andrew returns to Trier on October 29 (at 18:30 CET) for the final concert of his Musikfonds-grant studying the interaction of electronics and organ at the Marienstiftskirche Pfalzel.

Andrew Levine will be playing Theremin+Synthesizer, Continuum and The PIPE from SOMA together with Benedikt Simon (percussion / organ), Benedikt Hansjosten (cello) and Axel Simon (organ). The free improvised music will be accompanied by realtime projections.

Friends of rare and (likely 😉 previously unheard sounds will enjoy the meeting of the Theremin with “The PIPE” by SOMA Laboratory. “The PIPE” was premiered in 2019, the centennial of the ancestor of all electronic instruments. Let us take you on this wild ride…