Atlanta GA, 01/15/2020

Mark Gresham about my performance at the inaugural edition of the Ear Pollen series in Atlanta GA…

“The featured performer, around whom the concert was constructed, was Andrew Levine of Hamburg, Germany, improvising in a compact array of instruments: Theremin, a small 0-Coast (“No-Coast”) analog synthesizer, a STEIM Cracklebox (“Kraakdoos” in the original Dutch) and a Haken Continuum synthesizer. It was a superb performance with a good feeling of looseness to it, and what was most surprising is that it was Levine’s first solo public performance ever. Prior to Wednesday’s show, he had only performed publicly in ensembles.” [EarRelevant 01/21/2020]

Many thanks to Klimchak for the invitation! I look forward to my next visit 🙂

Incidentally, I realized that the concert took place on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday when I visited the natural historic park on 01/16! The national holiday is always on the Monday following this date, which was confusing. Anyway, I feel humbled to have been able to able to give my solo debut on this very special day!

Theremin30 podcast

I am very happy that Rick Reid featured a piece from the trio release with GRAMSS / KRENNERICH / LEVINE. Check out his unique podcast for a collection of Theremin-related music!

Theremin30 12-2019

Quartet configuration

The ensemble BssT – Krennerich-Levine-Ohlmeier-Schubert performed live on September 07 2019 at the World Wide Window in Berlin. Check out our complete set here: 190907_BssT

“Klingt wie Industrie!” #1

I met Eric Cordier for the first time when my train stopped at Berlin central station. He had been working at the lounge since his arrival. Together we traveled the last leg of the journey and set up at WorldWideWindow in Schöneweide. From 23:15 to 01:30. The concert the following evening was an intense exploration of the innermost murmurings and songs of the laptops’ components. Amazing!

ether&earth premiere 02/16/2019

Nathalia and I had a great time performing together! I played my theremin in reverse fashion, with the left hand controlling the pitch and the right hand modulating the rhythm, and it worked amazingly well. Looking for to explore more possibilities in the near future!



I will be performing with the percussionist Nathalia Grotenhuis at Galerie Netzwerk in Trier on Saturday, February 16.