Back in Hamburg

After five weeks in China I returned to perform and record with Quatuor BRAC at the Moers Jazzfestival,…

produce a solo album with Benoit Cancoin and a duo album with Benoit and Birgit Ulher. Amazing stuff!

ŜAKO – a spatial audio project at CAA

When I visited the beautiful campus of the China Academy of Art (中國美術學院) in Hangzhou in October 2017 I loved many buildings but was especially intrigued by the maze of the architectural complex. Since then I have discussed the possibility of creating an immersive audio project with Prof. Lin and the recording arts teachers Ma Sheng and Chen Shen. After one day of mapping out interesting sounding spots, one day of Ambisonic test recordings and a lot of time spent mulling over the results the pilot was launched… The basis is a true B-format setup, a high 3-omni triangle, four ambient spots and some close mics for the ensemble. A Merging Horus was used in conjunction with a MH audio network to capture all audio. More soon 😉

Lecture and session at Shanghai Normal University

After meeting Shi Ying on my very first trip to China in October of 2016, when she showed me around and got me access to the Shanghai Concert Hall, we have been wanting to organize a lecture at her university… As part of the International Scholar’s forum I gave a two-hour presentation on recording for stereo, surround and 3D-audio. It was an absolute pleasure and I hope to be back soon with an extensive workshop.

Lecture and session at ZUMC

My first lecture in Hangzhou was at the Zhejiang University of Media and Communication (浙江传媒学院).Prof. Wang Chunming, his students and fellow teachers and audio professionals followed my presentation on a minimalistic approach to recording chamber music with interest and we subsequently had a great time recording a classical Chinese trio (consisting of Guzheng, Erhu and Xiao),… …and Guqin solo–albeit not with the requisite resonating table–primarily using my AEA R88 mk2.All sessions were tracked with a Metric Halo ULN-8 and remotely monitored with a ULN-2 connected via MHLink thanks to the latest 3d technology.