Back in Hamburg

After five weeks in China I returned to perform and record with Quatuor BRAC at the Moers Jazzfestival,…

produce a solo album with Benoit Cancoin and a duo album with Benoit and Birgit Ulher. Amazing stuff!

ŜAKO – a spatial audio project at CAA

When I visited the beautiful campus of the China Academy of Art (中國美術學院) in Hangzhou in October 2017 I loved many buildings but was especially intrigued by the maze of the architectural complex. Since then I have discussed the possibility of creating an immersive audio project with Prof. Lin and the recording arts teachers Ma Sheng and Chen Shen. After one day of mapping out interesting sounding spots, one day of Ambisonic test recordings and a lot of time spent mulling over the results the pilot was launched… The basis is a true B-format setup, a high 3-omni triangle, four ambient spots and some close mics for the ensemble. A Merging Horus was used in conjunction with a MH audio network to capture all audio. More soon 😉

讲座和会议在 中国传媒大学

在一个下午的移动录音讲座, 强调经济与冗余在中国通信大学的四名北京即兴委员会成员, Dörner 和底座 Khorkhordina 会见了一个激烈的 session–tracked 与 MH 3d。 主麦克风是第一个 Ambisonic 配置由一个 R88 mk2 (作为 M/秒), 一个 DPA 4041 为 W 和 Shoeps mk8 为 Z。两个 Schoeps mk4 使用作为侧翼麦克风和立体声输出从搅拌机的对象和笔记本电脑被单独捕获。 MHLink 连接 ULN-8 在录音空间与 ULN-2 在控制室里。感谢 中国传媒大学、张华和他的学生使这个项目成为可能! (使用 Bing 翻译)

Lecture and session at CUC

After an afternoon lecture on mobile recording with an emphasis on economy vs. redundancy at the Communication University of China (中国传媒大学) four members of the Beijing Impro Committee, Axel Dörner and Carina Khorkhordina met for an intense session–tracked with MH 3d. The main microphone was a first oder Ambisonic configuration consisting of an AEA R88 mk2 (as M/S), a DPA 4041 for W and a Shoeps mk8 for Z. Two Schoeps mk4 were use as flanking microphones and the stereo outputs from the mixer for the objects and the laptop were captured separately. MHLink connected the ULN-8 in the recording space with the ULN-2 in the control room. Many thanks to CUC, Zhang Yilong and his students for making this project possible!